Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cleveland Browns Cigar Box

Cleveland Browns Cigar Box #1, 2012

When I originally etched this plate, I was was unhappy with how it had turned out. The etch was shallow and had some areas where the resist had failed and some fine details had etched away. After it had set in a drawer for a few months, I decide to paint it and finish it for myself and place it on the shelf with my other personal pieces. Once I started sanding to remove the excess paint, the insides of the letters we're getting a weathered and worn appearance. At the same time I read an article on how to "age" brass by exposing it to ammonia fumes. So I use this piece as my first test. Once mounted to a cigar box made of rough wood, I have a piece that looks like it's been exposed to many Lake Erie winters.

Close-up of Cleveland Browns Cigar Box #1, 2012